by Karim Khouani

Star Catering offers Star Quality Catering and Consultancy services

within the restaurant industry.

Catering by Star Catering

We offer great flexibility for your event. Every detail can be tailored just for your needs and expectations. Our menus are created by Chef Karim Khouani, who ensures that your meal will be of highest international star quality no matter if it is for two or two hundred guests. Should you want, we can even prepare parts of your meal on site, giving you and your guests a very special experience indeed. Contact us for a meeting with Karim Kahuani and you can tell us of your vision of the evening. When it comes to possibilities, the sky’s the limit.


Consultancy by Karim Khouani

After a long career in haute cuisine, and being awarded Michelin Stars for several restaurants, Karim Khouani has the knowledge and expertise to help restaurants of all kinds optimize their businesses. The services include among other things, analysis of the restaurant concept in general, logistics, staff interaction and efficiency and of course the guest experience analysis. 

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